Set in and around Raynham Walled Garden’s trapezoidal patchwork of red brick, Cosmic Roots will be an assemblage of music and art celebrated by both the artists and audience alike.  

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The site was once a place where pineapples grew and it is now set to cultivate a new form of imaginative and collaborative activity.

A line up that presents a diverse range of musical magicians is at the heart of the festival. Acts include a number of promoters based around the UK, who will showcase sonic sorcery from multiple cities. Close connections between these promoters, as well as artists from Europe and further afield, will conjure an experience that brings forward the spirit of UK free party culture and combines it with the character of contemporary European festivals.

All acts jockeying discs have consented to a three hour minimum set policy, allowing them to develop an energy and envelop the audience.

With a mixture of under-represented friends and well-respected purveyors of nice nosh on the pots and pans, expect an array of delectable delights. Local ales and numerous other lubricants will be available to keep everyone well-watered.

Doors open on Thursday 6th September 2018 and close on Sunday 9th September 2018, after Saturday night’s party concludes.

Come cut some shapes and throw some polygons as together we carve out a new UK arts festival identity.

Thursday 18th July 

Friday 19th July

saturday 20th July